Forum Real Estate Income and Impact Fund (REIIF)

The Forum Real Estate Income and Impact Fund (REIIF) is an impact-driven, institutional quality, open-ended private REIT focused on Canadian multi-family real estate.

Forum Real Estate Income and Impact Fund (REIIF)
Forum Real Estate Income and Impact Fund (REIIF)
  • REIIF will provide individual investors access to one of Canada’s only institutional quality multi-residential open ended mutual fund trusts. Canada’s favourable immigration policies and low housing stock are supportive of multi-residential investments.

  • REIIF is targeting a 4-5% annual distribution yield.{{1}} Distributions are substantially return of capital (ROC).

  • REIIF is focused on traditional multi-family apartments, purpose-built student accommodations and co-living communities located in supply-constrained markets across Canada, providing investors with unique exposure to diverse housing types.

  • REIIF leverages Forum’s 25+ year experience as a balance sheet investor that has included partnerships with top-tier firms and governmental organizations. REIIF also includes a high-calibre board of trustees and significant sponsor alignment by Forum.

  • Positively impacting lives and the planet are core to Forum’s firm values and investment philosophy. REIIF employs an industry-leading impact strategy to enhance long-term returns. Future proofed assets through Impact screened portfolio.

REIIF's Highlights REIIF's Highlights
REIIF's Highlights
We believe impact-driven assets deliver higher long-term returns
The Value of REIIF
  • Stabilized annual distributions

    of 4-5% pre-tax equivalent yield of 8.5% to 10%

  • Total annual returns of

    8% to 12%

  • Strong sponsor


  • Stable return profile

    from pure play residential real estate

  • Future proofed assets through

    Impact screened portfolio

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